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AHRQ Patient Safety Indicators

Item #Our Brief DescriptionOur CategoryOur Code
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs)
1 % inpatients with a reported complication of anesthesia surgery psi01
2 % inpatients in low-mortality DRGs who die patient safety psi02
3 % inpatients developing in-hosp pressure ulcer (AHRQ) patient safety psi03
4 % w/ select complications who die ("failure to rescue") patient safety psi04
4 % w/ select complications who die - surgical inpatients patient safety psi04b
5 % surgeries when foreign body was unintentionally left surgery psi05
6 % w/ pneumothorax resulting from medical care surgery psi06
7 % inpatients with possible infection due to IV lines infection control psi07
8 % surgeries w/ a postoperative hip fracture surgery psi08
9 % surgeries w/ postoperative bleeding surgery psi09
10 % surgeries w/ postoperative physiologic derangement surgery psi10
11 % surgeries w/ postoperative respiratory failure surgery psi11
12 % surgeries w/ postoperative PE or DVT surgery psi12
13 % surgeries w/ postoperative sepsis surgery psi13
14 % abdominal surgeries w/ postop wound dehiscence surgery psi14
15 % select surgeries encountering technical difficulties surgery psi15
16 % inpatients w/ a blood transfusion reaction patient safety psi16
17 % delivered newborns with birth trauma or injury childbirth psi17
18 % vaginal deliveries w/ instrument -- injury/tear childbirth psi18
19 % vaginal deliveries w/o instrument -- injury/tear childbirth psi19
20 % cesarean deliveries -- injury/tear childbirth psi20
21 Area rate: Foreign body left during procedure area rate psi21
22 Area rate: Iatrogenic pneumothorax area rate psi22
23 Area rate: Possible infection due to IV lines area rate psi23
24 Area rate: Postop wound dehiscence area rate psi24
25 Area rate: Select surgeries encountering technical difficulties area rate psi25
26 Area rate: Transfusion reaction area rate psi26
27 Area rate: Postop hemorrhage or hematoma area rate psi27


  • Some indicators appear on more than one list.
  • Area rates apply to geographic areas, not to hospitals.
  • The Kentucky rates in our report are area rates.

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