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Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is similar to a health care surrogate designation in that it gives another individual the power to make health care decisions when the patient is unable to do so. The difference between the two is that a durable power of attorney may extend beyond health care decision making. You may ask this person, known as an "attorney-in-fact," to make personal and financial decisions as well. You may also make individual requests about specific treatments when creating this document.

Kentucky law does not provide a standard form for durable powers of attorney. Please consult an attorney if you have questions or would like to draft such a document.

Your decision about advance directives is a personal one, which should be made only after careful thought. If you are considering a living will directive or a durable power of attorney, you may want to discuss your concerns with a family member, close friend, clergy or your physician. If you have any questions about the legal validity of your advance directive, you should consult an attorney.

For additional information

If you have additional questions about advance directives, ask to speak with a Norton Healthcare chaplain or a patient representative. 

If you do not have an attorney and want to obtain legal advice regarding advance directives, you may contact Lawyer Referral Services at (502) 583-1801 or (800) 372-2999, or call the Legal Aid Society at (502) 584-1254.

This Web site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Norton Healthcare takes no position on advance directives or whether or not an individual should create a living will directive or a durable power of attorney.

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