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Holter Monitoring

About your test or treatment
Holter monitoring is a simple and direct way for your physician to track your heartbeat using a portable heart machine that you carry with you. This machine records your heartbeat for at least 24 hours as you go about your daily activities. Your doctor then interprets the results at a later date.

What to expect during your test or treatment

  • Small, adhesive patches, called electrodes, will be placed on your chest. The electrodes are connected by thin wires to a small heart monitor that is worn on a belt or shoulder strap.
  • You will wear the monitor for 24 hours, even while you sleep. Your heartbeat will be continuously recorded and stored in the monitor.
  • While you are wearing the monitor, you will be asked to keep a diary of your activities and symptoms, such as fluttering feelings in your chest, rapid heartbeat and episodes of dizziness. It is important to keep track of the activities you are doing when these symptoms occur, so your doctor can analyze what may be causing these symptoms.

What to expect after your test or treatment

  • After 24 hours, you will return the Holter monitor to the appropriate person.
  • A technologist will play the tape of your heart's activity on a special computer that analyzes the recording and looks for abnormalities in your heart rhythm.
  • The technologist will prepare a full report for your doctor, who will discuss the results with you at a scheduled time.

Returning home
If you have any questions about your care after you return home, call your physician's office. Thank you again for choosing Norton Heart Care. It is a pleasure to serve you.

This test or treatment is offered at these facilities:

Preregister For Your Test

Online preregistration is now available for all scheduled outpatient testing procedures at all Norton Healthcare hospitals. To preregister online, you will need:

  • Current insurance information
  • Emergency contact information
  • A scheduled procedure date

Please preregister at least 2 business days before your procedure to ensure proper insurance verification and processing.

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