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How to Use This Quality Report

To see the various parts of the quality report, click on a link such as Cancer or Heart Attack in the gray area to the left.

Indicators (numbers) have details available in the link "Learn more about the specific indicators shown on this page" under Section "More Information" of every page. For additional information, click on the link. If you do not see additional information, it may not be available at this time or you may have a pop-up blocker enabled on your browser. Below you can see an example of contents presented on the "Childbirth" page, with the page header and key.

Brief description gives a phrase to identify the indicator. Clicking on link "Learn more about the specific indicators shown on this page" will give a more detailed description that explains any abbreviations and gives some of the technical details of the indicator.

Desired performance indicates whether low or high numbers reflect better performance on the indicator.

Color-coding assists in analyzing results, which are colored as red (worse than the national average), yellow (near the national average) or green (better than the national average). If comparative data are unavailable or cannot be analyzed for technical reasons, statistics will be italicized and displayed in a white box. For some quality indicators it is unclear whether low or high performance is desirable. In such cases we color the results with orange or blue instead of red or green.

We show a *0* or *100* if a hospital has the best score possible, depending on the desired direction.

More Information

For more information about Norton Healthcare's Quality Report please email us.

View the Quality Report Disclaimer.

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