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Norton Audubon Hospital Council

 We Believe

Norton Audubon Hospital's Patient and Family Advisory Council consists of patients, family members and health care professionals who promote patient- and family-centered care by advising Norton Audubon Hospital.

We Believe

  • When caregivers act in partnership with patients and their families, it improves the overall patient experience through recognition of the vital role families play in ensuring health, well-being, dignity and personal control during times of illness and hospitalization.
  • Caregivers are most effective when they allow the patient and family to collaborate with them in the care process.
  • The patient's wishes, questions and concerns must be communicated to and heard by the caregiver for collaboration to be successful.
  • Through collaboration, the majority of care issues will be resolved before or as they arise.
  • Norton Audubon Hospital will build and nurture a culture that fosters free expression of questions, concerns and wishes by all patients and their families as well as active listening and compassionate, constructive responses by caring professionals.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council will support Norton Audubon Hospital in striving to be the premier provider of patient- and family-centered health care within the region by promoting an environment of genuine caring and well-being for patients and families, and encouraging them to be equal partners with their health care team. We intend to accomplish this by:

  • Providing patients with the highest quality care and the opportunity for continuing improvement of their health
  • Striving to be sensitive to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our multicultural community
  • Encouraging an environment that creates, evaluates and helps apply an exchange of information between patients, families and staff
  • Providing the tools that support families and patients by identifying opportunities, initiating self-learning and persevering to improve health
  • Identifying and preserving the strengths of Norton Audubon Hospital

Contact Information: To discuss volunteer opportunities on the council.

Janet White: (502) 636-7013

 Why Serve on the Council

Illness can be devastating and leave patients and their families feeling helpless. Becoming a member of the Patient and Family Advisory Council gives patients and families a powerful voice for positive change. Members take an active role in the development of programs, processes and policies that directly impact patients at Norton Audubon Hospital.

Sharing your personal experiences as a patient or family member helps Norton Audubon Hospital improve the care and services provided to others. Your personal experience matters, and we want your voice to be heard.


 Area of Focus

Our council is focused on creating the ultimate patient- and family-centered experience for everyone who comes to our hospital.









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