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Our Leadership

Leadership is demonstrated at every level of Norton Healthcare. We are proud of everyone who contributes to the care and services of patients. Whether it is clinical care and medical services or support staff and facilities management -- every person at Norton has an important role in contributing to the health of our community.

Our executive leaders, medical leaders and board members provide Norton Healthcare with focused strategic direction that help us to better serve the people of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Senior Executive Management Team

Chief Officers

Stephen A. Williams
Chief Executive Officer

Russell F. Cox


Executive Officers

Michael W. Gough
System Senior Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Steven T. Hester, M.D., MBA
System Senior Vice President and
Chief Medical Officer

Tracy E. Williams, DNP, R.N.
Senior Vice President and
System Chief Nursing Officer

Executive Hospital and Clinical Leadership

Thomas D. Kmetz
Division President, Women's and Children's
Services and Kosair Children's Hospital

Douglas A. Winkelhake
Division President, Adult Services, and
Chief Executive, Norton Neuroscience Institute

Matthew P. Ayers
Chief Administrative Officer
Norton Hospital

Jon Cooper
Chief Administrative Officer
Norton Audubon Hospital

Ginger L. Figg
Chief Administrative Officer
Norton Medical Group

John D. Harryman
Chief Administrative Officer
Norton Brownsboro Hospital

Charlotte Ipsan, RNC, MSN, NNP-BC
Chief Administrative Officer
Norton Women's and Kosair Children's Hospital

Kevin S. Wardell
Chief Administrative Officer
Norton Cancer Institute

Michael Esposito
Vice President, Business Development, and System Executive, Service Line Operations

Scott Watkins
System Vice President and
Division Chief Operating Officer

Executive Administrative Leadership

Dana Allen
System Vice President of Marketing and
Chief Marketing Officer

Robert B. Azar
System Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Mary Jo Bean
System Vice President, Planning and Business Analysis

C. Anthony Bohn
System Vice President, Human Resources, and Chief Human Resources Officer

Mary Michael Corbett
System Vice President of Health Policy and
Government Relations

Thomas Johnson
System Vice President of Public Relations and Chief Communications Officer

Lynnie Meyer, MSN, R.N., CFRE
System Vice President, Women's and Children's Community Partnerships, and Chief Development Officer

The Rev. Ronald C. Oliver, Ph.D., BCC
System Vice President, Mission and Outreach

Steve Ready
System Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Norton Healthcare Board of Trustees (as of April 2014)

Maria Gerwing Hampton, Chair
Donald H. Robinson, Vice Chair
Maria L. Bouvette
Carolyn J. Gatz
Craig D. Grant
Kevin J. Hable
Louis S. Heuser, M.D.
Martha K. Heyburn, M.D.
Richard R. Ivey
Ronald Lehocky, M.D.
Gail Lyttle

Gregory E. Mayes
Joseph J. McGowan, Ed.D.
Mitch Nichols
Edie Nixon
Erwin Roberts
G. Hunt Rounsavall
The Rev. William J. Schultz
Gary L. Stewart
James L. Sublett, M.D.
Richard S. Wolf, M.D.
Wendell P. Wright
Stephen A. Williams

Medical Staff Leadership

System Medical Executive Committee

 As of April 1, 2014

George H. Raque Jr., M.D.
System Medical Staff

George W. Boatwright, M.D.
Norton Audubon Hospital
Bylaws Committee

William R. Bradford, M.D.
System Medical Staff Policy Committee
Ex officio

J. Timothy Burger, M.D.
Norton Hospital
Alternate Delegate

Stephen A. Cawood, M.D.
Norton Suburban Hospital
Alternate Delegate

Muneeb A. Choudry, M.D.
Norton Audubon Hospital

Jennifer C. Evans, M.D.
Norton Suburban Hospital
Ex officio

Mary E. Fallat, M.D.
Kosair Children’s Hospital

David S. Foley, M.D.
Kosair Children’s Hospital
Alternate Delegate

James M. Frazier, M.D.
System Vice President, Medical Affairs

Steve Heilman, M.D.
System Vice President, Chief Medical Information Officer

Steven T. Hester, M.D., MBA
System Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Thomas C. Hubbs, M.D.
Kosair Children’s Hospital

Brian C. Jones, M.D.
Norton Brownsboro Hospital
Alternate Delegate

Gregory L. Juhl, M.D.
Norton Suburban Hospital
Ex officio

Linda A. Korfhage, M.D.
Norton Audubon Hospital
Ex officio

Ketan C. Mehta, M.D.
Norton Suburban Hospital

Vicki L. Montgomery, M.D.
Kosair Children’s Hospital

Michael R. Nowacki, M.D.
Norton Hospital

Jonathan Reinstine, M.D.
Norton Suburban Hospital

John B. Rice, M.D.
Norton Audubon Hospital
Alternate Delegate

Andrew P. Rochet, M.D.
Norton Brownsboro Hospital

William R. Schmidt II, M.D.
Norton Audubon Hospital

Bennie C. Slucher, M.D.
Norton Suburban Hospital

Trevor M. Soergel, M.D.
Norton Brownsboro Hospital

Brian P. Thornton, M.D.
Norton Hospital

Henry J. Walter, M.D.
Norton Hospital
Ex officio

Patrick M. Williams, M.D.
Norton Brownsboro Hospital

Kenneth C. Wilson, M.D.
System Vice President, Clinical Effectiveness and Quality
Norton Healthcare

Stephen P. Wright, M.D.
Kosair Children’s Hospital
Ex officio

Division Medical Staff Officers

Kosair Children’s Hospital
Thomas Hubbs, M.D., President
David S. Foley, M.D., President-Elect
Robert Debski, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer

Norton Audubon Hospital
Linda A. Korfhage, M.D., President
Kenneth Thielmeier, M.D. President-Elect
C. Blair Cornell, M.D., Treasurer

Norton Brownsboro Hospital
Patrick Williams, M.D., President
Trevor Soergel, M.D., President-Elect
Robert E. Darnell, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer

Norton Hospital
Brian Thornton, M.D., President
Tiffany S. Berry, M.D., President-Elect
Mladen Djurasovic, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer

Norton Suburban Hospital
Jennifer C. Evans, M.D., President
James P. Donovan, M.D., President-Elect
Tad D. Seifert, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer

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