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Login FAQs

What is OWA?

OWA, Or Outlook Web Access is a version of Microsoft Outlook that allows you to use a Web browser to work with data stored on a remote Microsoft Exchange Server computer. The browser can run on any Unix, Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows-based computer, and can provide Web-based access to public folders and your organization's Address Book. You can also access your personal mailbox to read e-mail, send messages, organize contacts, and schedule appointments.

What can I do with OWA?

There are very few functional differences between Outlook Web Access and Outlook 2000. By only using a web browser and an internet connection, you can connect to and do the following:

  • Read, write, send and receive email.
  • Access your Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Journal, Notes, Outbox, and Sent Items plus any other folders you have created in your Exchange mailbox.

What can't I do with OWA?

Here is a list of the known items not supported by Outlook Web Access 2000.

  • Does not display journal items, task items, or sticky notes properly. They are displayed as mail items.
  • No offline support. (no personal folders, personal address books, or offline folders)
  • Users can not open other users mailbox folders (no delegate access)
  • When first connecting to OWA, the browser will download over 250k of content, control, and graphics. This can be very slow over dial up connections.
  • The envelope icon next to the message list in the Inbox doesn't change when the message is opened, replied to, or forwarded.
  • Does not support S/MIME messages, digital signatures, or digital encryption.
  • Does not support rules other than the "out of office" message.
  • Can not browse the global address book. You must do a search based on the users name.
  • Does not support advanced group-scheduling features such as side-byside displays, appointment list views, track acceptance, task lists, or task management.

How do I get it?

  1. Get a Norton Healthcare NT account and email account.
  2. Get on a computer with a web browser (preferably Internet Explorer 5.5).
  3. Dial into the Internet with your Internet service provider or Internet content provider.
  4. Open up your web browser and go to
  5. Click on Login to Outlook Web Access.
  6. Type in your username and password in the popup box.
  7. And you are now using Outlook Web Access.

How do I get help with a particular feature?

OWA includes an online help system. You can either click  here  to access it or click on help in the upper right hand corner when you are logged into Outlook Web Access.

Does using Outlook Web Access take up extra space in my email account?

Some users have reported that using Outlook Web Access for the first time takes up 3 to 4 meg of space in their email account. I have been able to reproduce this but do not currently know the reason why it does. I will have more information here as I discover it.

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