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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Breathe easier

Norton Audubon Hospital pulmonary rehabilitation services are specifically designed to help enhance your quality of life by improving your respiratory health. Our exercise and education programs helpyou build the strength and endurance you need to breathe easier.

How respiratory therapy can improve your quality of life

The simple act of breathing is not simple for those who suffer from emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or any other chronic respiratory condition. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a respiratory ailment, you know all too well that breathing can be an exhausting struggle.

The goal of pulmonary rehabilitation at Norton Audubon is to help our patients understand and manage their pulmonary disorder. We believe our sound, sensitive approach will help you improve your ability to perform daily living tasks, be better informed about pulmonary health, and have less shortness of breath and fewer hospitalizations.

You don't have to face the difficulties of living with a breathing disorder all by yourself. Norton Healthcare offers three pulmonary rehabilitation programs, including the newest program at Norton Audubon. These programs are self-paced and closely monitored by specially trained respiratory therapists and health care professionals who are there to help you feel better by controlling your condition as much as possible.

Defining pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a medically supervised program that teaches lifestyle modification techniques, disease process education and exercises needed to increase endurance and daily functioning. The entire process is monitored and offers progressive exercise and educational sessions, which are an essential part of any quality respiratory therapy program.

The typical respiratory therapy program is six to 10 weeks. Patients are required to participate in rehabilitation sessions three times per week for education and exercise. Extensions are possible if necessary. A staff member is always available to answer questions, monitor and motivate patients during their session.

Special program designed just for you

Participation in pulmonary rehabilitation requires a referral from your doctor. Our team of specially trained respiratory therapists and health care professionals will work directly with your physician to develop a program to address your health condition and specific needs. All our patients receive one-on-one attention every step of the way, and play a major role in setting measurable, attainable goals.

The education portion of each session is designed to help you learn new, improved breathing techniques, provide helpful nutritional information and answers to your questions regarding prescribed medications, and show you ways to control your anxiety and fear by conserving your energy by pacing yourself.

Goals of pulmonary rehabilitation

You can look forward to breathing easier as we help you:

  • Decrease the effort it takes to breathe, while improving the efficiency of each breath.
  • Improve your tolerance of exercise and activity.
  • Minimize unnecessary use of muscles or "wasted" effort in breathing.
  • Learn good pulmonary hygiene.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your particular condition.
  • Learn how to recognize and avoid situations and activities that may cause further lung damage.
  • Learn how to live life to the fullest.
  • Understand and cope with your physical limitations.
  • Gain confidence in performing everyday activities.
  • Understand the importance of performing exercises at home, between outpatient visits.Help your family better understand your condition so they can give you the support you need.

Long-term partnership

Even after you complete pulmonary rehabilitation, we will be here to help. You can participate in our maintenance program as often as you like for a small fee per session. Exercise with supervision in our exercise room, and enjoy the freedom to work at your own pace, alongside others who are learning to cope with similar breathing conditions.

We bill Medicare and private insurance for the formal rehabilitation part of the program.

For more information about pulmonary rehabilitation services at Norton Audubon or other Norton Healthcare locations, call (502) 629-1234.

To register or schedule pulmonary rehabilitation at Norton Audubon, call (502) 636-8747.

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