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Sleep Disorders

Norton Sleep Centers

In addition to a nutritious diet and regular exercise, a good night's sleep is essential for health, but many people underestimate the power of sleep. Others have a sleep disorder that prevents them from getting the rest they need. The Norton Sleep Centers at Norton Audubon Hospital and Norton Brownsboro Hospital are accredited sleep disorders centers here to help you get a good night's sleep. Staffed by specially trained pulmonologists and sleep technicians, the centers offer diagnosis and treatment of a variety of sleep disorders.

Think you or a loved one may have a sleep disorder?

  • Do you snore?
  • Has anyone ever told you that you stop breathing or gasp during sleep?
  • Do you wake up numerous times during your sleep?
  • Have you had or are you currently being treated for high blood pressure?
  • Do you ever wake up after a full night's sleep and not feel rested?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, most American adults do not get the recommended amount of sleep needed for good health, safety and optimal performance.

As you sleep, your body repairs itself from the day's stresses. Sleep allows the brain to consolidate the day's learning into memory and gives your body the chance to do some maintenance work, like replacing old cells with new ones and re-energizing your muscles and organs.

Norton Sleep Center at Norton Audubon Hospital was established in 1983. As one of the oldest accredited centers in the country, it was the first to be fully accredited in Kentucky. That expertise now continues in a second location in northeastern Jefferson County at Norton Brownsboro Hospital. Experienced pulmonologists and sleep technicians at both Norton Sleep Centers are specialists in diagnosing and treating sleep-related disorders.

If you think you may have a sleep disorder, take this short sleep health assessment and then call (502) 636-7459 or email to talk with a trained professional.

Norton Sleep Center - Audubon
Norton Audubon Hospital
Lower Level 1
1 Audubon Plaza Drive
Louisville, KY 40217
Phone: (502) 636-7459
Fax: (502) 636-7474
Monday through Friday • 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Norton Sleep Center - Brownsboro
Norton Medical Plaza - Brownsboro, Suite 210
4950 Norton Healthcare Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40241
Phone: (502) 394-6370
Fax: (502) 394-6375
Monday through Friday • 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m


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