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Smoking cessation classes

Norton Healthcare's Smoking Cessation Program

Our resources make it easier to quit smoking

Smoking cessation classes have helped thousands of smokers around the nation kick the habit. Norton Healthcare offers smoking cessation classes to promote a healthy, smoke-free lifestyle.  Participants learn about nicotine addiction and develop an effective, personal plan to completely stop smoking. Classes follow the patented Cooper/Clayton Method to Stop Smoking, a program that has proved effective for thousands of smokers.

Cooper/Clayton Method

Different methods of quitting smoking have varying success rates. For example, of the smokers who quit "cold turkey," only five out of 100 will still be nonsmokers after one year. Use of nicotine replacement therapy has better odds, with nine to 15 out of 100 remaining nonsmokers after one year. The patented Cooper/Clayton Method is more successful than either of these methods with 25 to 40 people remaining nonsmokers after one year. The Nicotine replacement therapy and the Cooper/Clayton Method both report higher numbers for those who received intensive counseling or support.

The Cooper/Clayton Method is a comprehensive, behavioral modification, smoking cessation program involving nicotine replacement and nicotine reduction therapy, as well as group support. The support group setting helps participants cope with common side effects of nicotine withdrawal such as weight gain, stress, and depression. It also teaches participants how to be a long-term nonsmoker. Participants also are encouraged by the many positive aspects of being a nonsmoker. The earlier a person quits the greater the health benefits.

Smoke-free for Mommy and Me

Need help putting out that cigarette? If you are planning to have a baby, pregnant or just had a baby, we have resources and support to help you quit smoking.

Did You Know?
  • According to the American Lung Association, smoking is directly responsible for about 90% of the deaths due to lung cancer.
  • An estimated 4 million children a year get sick from being around secondhand smoke.
  • Some researchers feel nicotine is as addictive as heroin. 
Norton Can Help!
  • Norton Healthcare offers 13-week classes several times per year. The classes are FREE and meet for one hour once a week. Call (502) 629-1234 to register.
  • Contact Norton Cancer Prevention and Resource Centers for more information about Norton Healthcare's smoking cessation program. Please email or call (502) 629-5500 or (800) 555-6772.

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