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Sutureless Aortic Connector surgery

During coronary artery bypass surgery, an artery graft is attached to the coronary artery to reroute blood around the blockage.  During a traditional bypass, the surgeon must sew or suture the new artery to the diseased artery.  Suturing the arteries is often the most time consuming and critical part of an open-heart bypass. However, a revolutionary system is helping surgeons perform bypass operations without the need of sewing or sutures.

The system, called the Symmetry Bypass Aortic Connector, consists of two instruments that allow physicians to attach grafts without the use of sutures:

  • A cutting device that makes a hole in the aorta and the aorta connector
  • A delivery system with new vein preloaded and ready to be attached

During surgery, the surgeon creates a small opening in the patient's aorta.  The Symmetry Bypass Aortic Connector is then attached to the new vein and inserted into the hole in the aorta.  When the surgeon removes the tools used to insert the new artery, an inner row of tines located at the tips of the star-shaped connector are released to hold the graft in place.

The device, while not applicable for all bypass patients, proves especially beneficial for surgeons performing bypass surgery on beating hearts, or during off-pump coronary artery bypasses.

The Symmetry Bypass Aortic Connector eliminates the need for surgeons to use a clamp around the aorta to control the heart beat during surgery.  For patients with advanced stages of heart disease, clamping the disease-hardened aorta can cause further complications if plaque dislodges from the artery wall and travels through the bloodstream.

This new device is revolutionizing the way coronary artery bypass procedures are performed and greatly enhances recovery by reducing surgery time and the degree of invasion necessary to reroute blocked arteries.

Norton Heart Care is a leading provider of heart care for people throughout Louisville and Southern Indiana.  Focused on outcomes and quality, our highly skilled cardiologists and surgeons work side by side with experienced nurses to care for both adults and children.  Heart disease comes in many forms, and Norton Heart Care offers a wide range of innovative treatment techniques in multiple locations - providing advanced, high-quality care close to home. 

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