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Beau Poole

A simple game of pickup basketball seems harmless enough. And often it is. Yet, sports activities are the second most frequent cause of injury in adolescents. Beau Poole knows that all too well. While playing basketball with friends, the 17-year-old Seneca High School graduate tore cartilage in his shoulder that required surgery and three months of physical therapy.

Beau's pediatrician referred him to Ryan Krupp, M.D., a sports medicine specialist. "Dr. Krupp was able to explain Beau's injury in detail and advise how to keep Beau injury-free in the future while playing sports," said Beau's mother, Leann Poole.

Sports medicine physicians specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries resulting from participation in sports and other physical activities. They also offer expertise in teaching athletes how to prevent injuries when engaging in physical activities.

"Sports medicine specialists have specialized training in athletic conditioning and fitness, dietary impact on athletic performance, on-the-field evaluation and treatment of injuries, and rehabilitation techniques that enable athletes to return to playing as quickly and safely as possible," Dr. Krupp said. "They also have extensive knowledge of athletic equipment and orthotic devices to prevent and manage athletic injuries."

Thanks to Dr. Krupp's multidisciplinary approach to treatment, Beau soon will be off the bench like he never missed a shot. "Sports medicine specialists often have a network of health professionals who are involved in the development, training and care of athletes, such as athletic trainers, physical therapists and sports performance experts," Dr. Krupp said. "Therefore we can provide coordination of all care needed to get an athlete back in the game."


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