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Cancer Clinical Research Trials

Many of the standard cancer treatments used today are the result of clinical trials. Clinical trials are an integral part of cancer research because they focus on finding new, and sometimes improved, ways to prevent, diagnose, treat and manage cancer. You deserve personalized treatment plans that maximize results and minimize side effects. Participating in a clinical trial of a new treatment or procedure may be an option for you.

Norton Cancer Institute offers more than 50 innovative National Cancer Institute and industry-sponsored clinical trials in which you may qualify to participate. Our participation in these research studies allows us to offer many patients the latest, most advanced therapies for cancer – and often those that are unavailable elsewhere.

The Norton Cancer Institute Research Program has made remarkable strides and discoveries through participation in clinical trials. These breakthroughs hold promise for patients by improving the ability of our specialists to target and detect cancers early, while they are the most treatable.

Research Program

Norton Cancer Institute
315 E. Broadway
Louisville , KY 40202

For more information on available studies, call (502) 629-3449.

Breast studies

BRE 14-17: Advanced or metastatic HER2-negative breast cancer who have received up to two prior chemotherapy regimens

NSABP B51: For patients with breast cancer who showed positive in axillary nodes prior to standard chemotherapy and negative after standard chemotherapy/surgery 

NSABP B50I: HER2 Positive breast cancer with residual tumor present following pre-operative therapy

NSABP B55: Germline BRCA1/2 Mutations and High Risk HER2 Negative, who have completed definitive local treatment and Neoadjuvant or Adjuvant chemotherapy

BRE 14-21: HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer who have received 2 or more prior HER2 directed regimens

Brain/ CNS studies



RTOG 1071: 1p/19q Codeleted Anaplastic Glioma

RTOG 1205: Recurrent Glioblastoma

RTOG 1270: Resected Metastatic Brain Disease 

Gastrointestinal Tract studies

GI 13-14: Stage IV Previously Untreated Pancreatic Cancer

GI 14-14: Advanced or Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas in Patients Who Have Failed or Are Intolerant to First-Line Chemotherapy

Gynecologic studies


GOG 0274: Locally advanced cervical cancer not previously treated  

GYN 14-18: Advanced-Relapsed Epithelial Ovarian, Primary Peritoneal, or Fallopian Tube Cancer 

Hematology and Lymphoma studies

LEU 14-16: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia or small lymphocytic lymphoma, not previously treated

LYM 13-18: Newly Diagnosed Non-Germinal Center B-Cell Subtype of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma

LYM 13-26: Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

LYM 14-08: Relapsed, indolent, or aggressive Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

LEU 14-25: Thrombocytopenia and Primary Myelofibrosis, Post-Polycythemia Vera Myelofibrosis, or Post-Essential Thrombocythemia Myelofibrosis 

Lung studies

LUN 13-25: Small Cell Lung Cancer Subjects (Phase II) Who Have Progressed on Prior Platinum-based Chemotherapy

LUN 14-05: Squamous Cell Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; no prior chemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic disease  

LUN 14-22: Advanced Non-Small Cell Alk positive Lung Cancer who have not had previous treatment

Multiple Myeloma studies

MM 14-15: Advanced Multiple Myeloma who have had previous treatment

MM 14-32: Previously Untreated Multiple Myeloma patients who are Ineligible for High Dose Therapy 

Sarcoma studies:

SAR 05-04: Locally Advanced or Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma who have relapsed or refractory to standard treatment.

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