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Memorial Gifts to the Norton Healthcare Foundation

Memorial Gifts to the Norton Healthcare Foundation
The following individuals were recognized through memorial gifts* to the Norton Healthcare Foundation,  Jan. 1, 2013 to Dec 31, 2013. Make your own memorial or tribute gift with an online donation.

Norton Healthcare Foundation Memorials

Carol Sue Bennett-Dobson

Richard P. & Janet J. Day

Harry Black

Robert & Sarah Shaw

Charley Campbell

Gary L. & Mary Jo Byrne

Roberta "Bobbie" Davidson

The Laliberty Family - Fern, Tom, Glo & Missy

Kenneth & Nancy Morgan

Janice Dobbins

Robert & Sarah Shaw

Mark Driscoll

Robert & Sarah Shaw

Amanda Fykes

Charles Ann Fykes

Marilyn Hubbuch

Cynthia H. Payne

Bill Hurst

Patricia A. Hurst

Mary Johnson

Glenn E. & Victoria L. York

Albert Joseph "Joe" Kute, Jr.

Samuel P. Johnson

Nathan Neil Kuvin

Rita J. Bell

Mary P. & James T. Crain, Jr.

Richard W. & Ann Woodson Goehring

Richard L. & Louise B. Kirschner

Dennis Kute's Family

Seymour S. & Carol F. Sackler

Dick & Sue Tongberg

Leon A. LaFave, Jr.

Barry G. Troklus

Thomas Meyer

Dana Allen

Gloria K. Moody

Robert L. Moody

Jessica Alyce Murphy

C. Denise Price

Mary Murphy

Mike & Pat Adams

Frank & Gloria, Jeff & Becky, Dan & Family and Scott & Family

Robert S. & Mary M. Franco

Patrick H. & Dorothy C. Harper

Vonda Norris & Mary Ann Dearing

Wilma G. Newton

John L. & Leslie H. Smart

Carolyn Sue Parham

Judith M. McGarvey

Michael Leonard Pendley

Steven & Sibyl C. Pursell

Mary Lena Ruschival

Barbara Engelland, Claudia Pierce & Wendy Meyer

R. Eugene Jaegers

Virginia C. Rauh

Lynn Ruth

Evelyn Thomas Blevens

Kim & Vicki Blevens

Daniel L. & Barbara L. Linker

Dorothy H. Livers

Oxmoor Toyota - Scion

Joe Schneringer

Anthony C. & Connie A. Tobbe

Nelda Scull

David S. & Connie Blue

Martha Thomas

Norton Healthcare Human Resources

Lane Thomas Voyles

William T. & Barbara Voyles

Robert C. "Buck" Woolet

Kenneth M. & Sherra L. Woolet

Lilyann Young

Local Lodge #830

Norton Healthcare Foundation Tribute Gifts

Jennifer Blum

William M. & Lindy B. Street

Jonathan Blum

Thorntons, Inc.

Lois Woolet Conely

Kenneth M. & Sherra L. Woolet

Connie Hayes Daub

Judy P. Daub Gradl

Brad A. & Catherine Budig Steinfeld

Paul Diaz

Thorntons, Inc.

Sherry Hamilton

Tommie Baxter

Jennifer Lausterer

John Timothy & Susanna K. Burger

Roy Meckler, M.D.

Justin Miller

Charlotte Ipsan, Lynnie Meyer, Kevin Sandrella, Andy Strausbaugh, Tom Wessling, Clark Shadburne, Dave Hillman, Greg & Karen Blakemore, Richard Franz, Steven Brockman-Weber, Tracey Johnston, Doug Winkelhake, Jon Cooper, John Ketenbrink, Ken Seibert, Jeffrey Brown, Paul Westbrook, John Harryman, Anita Linney-Isaacson, Michael McCollum, Kevin Wardell, Camilla Moretti, Tom Millea, Michael Gough, Steven Watkins, Anita Isaacson, Fears Farber, David Boome, Kurt Gessner, Alan Laughlin, Marie Sinco, Ray winter, Jim Benson, Russ Cox, Mike Hendricks, Dan Rednour, Tom Kmetz & Mr. & Mrs. Hunt Rounsavall

Dale R. Berry

Zachary David Zuhars

David A. & Suzanne T. Zuhars

*All efforts have been made to include all tribute and memorial gifts. If a name was overlooked or printed incorrectly, please accept our apologies. You are invited to contact us to correct the error: Norton Healthcare Foundation, 234 E. Gray St., Suite 450, Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 629-8060 or

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