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New Vision

Breaking the cycle of addiction

In every community, every neighborhood and at every income level, substance abuse is an ever-present and ever-growing issue. Pick up any newspaper and it’s easy to see that society treats addiction as a social problem. However, it needs to be treated for what it is — a disease.

Within the past 10 years, more research has come forth with overwhelming evidence that shows addiction is a brain disease. While using substances, a person’s brain undergoes changes in structure and function. Consequently, once the person has become dependent on a substance, the ability to stop and then enter into a treatment program becomes very difficult. 

Medical stabilization — the process by which alcohol and/or drugs are removed from the body while safely managing withdrawal symptoms — is the crucial first step in the effective long-term management of addiction. Medical stabilization makes the process more comfortable, thereby improving the odds for a successful recovery. Further, medical stabilization paves the way for our patients to make that courageous first step into the process of recovery. 

Upon admission to the New Vision service, the person undergoes a medical history, physical, complete laboratory workup and nursing assessment. During a hospital stay, usually lasting a few days, the person receives individualized medical treatment of symptoms, crisis intervention, assessment of needs and a plan for rehabilitation and counseling services after leaving the hospital. 

By making that first move toward recovery with medical stabilization and with an ongoing desire to remain free of the stronghold of substance abuse, many individuals can resume and maintain healthy lifestyles. 

Want to know more?
New Vision medical stabilization service is available at Norton Audubon Hospital for adults ages 18 and older who are currently using or experiencing withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. To schedule an assessment or for more information, call (502) 636-4967 or (800) 939-CARE.

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