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How to participate

Participate in the N Good Health wellness program

You can get healthier and earn money at the same time. Simply ‘Do the 4 steps.’ To start, go to, which is accessible from any device with Internet access at home or work.

  • If you have an existing account, log on and choose “Welcome to the 2014 N Good Health program. Click here to begin."
  • If you are new to the program, choose “Register New Account” then “Welcome to the 2014 N Good Health program. Click here to begin."

Do the 4 steps

Each year, complete the following 4 steps between Jan. 1 and Sept. 15 to earn your money (wellness credits) for the following year, if eligible.* Eligible spouses** also mustcomplete the 4 steps.

Note: If you want to enroll in Norton Healthy Living Plan medical insurance during 2015 open enrollment, you and your covered spouse must complete the 4 steps.

To begin the N Good Health wellness program, read the 2014 program resource guidelines.

Step 1. Take your online health risk assessment
The health risk assessment helps identify your health risks and allows you to develop your personal wellness plan.
  • Log on to and click on the number one image to take your health risk assessment.
  • This form has 45 questions and takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Share your results with your primary care physician.

Step 2. Complete your wellness statement
The annual wellness statement helps ensure you are up to date on your cancer prevention screenings and encourages you to live a tobacco-free lifestyle. Early detection of cancer greatly increases the chance for effective treatment and improved health outcomes. Tobacco use can lead to tobacco/nicotine dependence and serious health problems.

Before you can complete your wellness statement you must:

  • Have an up-to-date mammogram and pap smear (women)
  • Have an up-to-date colorectal screening (men and women)
  • If you are a tobacco user, have completed a "stop tobacco use" program. The approved tobacco cessation program options are available on These workshops and classes are 4 to 13 weeks in length.

Allow yourself plenty of time to complete these tasks; it could take up to 90 days. When they're complete, log on to and click on the number two image to complete your annual wellness statement.

Step 3. Visit your primary care physician for a yearly wellness exam, then return the Provider form to N Good Health
Having a yearly wellness exam (also known as a routine physical) by your primary care provider has been shown to detect early warning signs of many diseases. Timely diagnosis increases the chance of leading a longer and more productive life. Establishing a relationship with a primary care provider allows continuous and coordinated care throughout your lifetime.

Log on to and click on the number three image to print the Provider form. Be sure to review the tip sheet that will print with the provider form. Discuss your health risk assessment with your provider to develop your wellness goals for the coming year. Allow yourself plenty of time to schedule your wellness exam. It could take up to 90 days to get an appointment.

Step 4. Earn your 100 points
This step requires you to take action toward “creating a healthier you” by earning at least 100 points through engaging in healthy habits. Earning your points is easy. Visit and click on the number four image to view a list of ways to earn points.

Here are some examples:

  • Participate in any of the subsidized wellness programs available through N Good Health.
  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations asdiscussed during your annual wellness exam.
  • Follow a healthy nutrition or diet program/plan.
  • Follow a regular exercise program/plan.

Check your progress

To see which steps you've completed, log on to, and click on the image “Click here to make sure you completed your 4 steps.”

This image links you directly to the Incentive Summary, which lists the activities that you have completed to earn points.Four activities are required as a part of completing the 4 steps:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Annual wellness statement
  • Yearly wellness exam with your primary care provider, then return the Provider form to N Good Health
  • Earn 100 points

It's not too late to receive wellness credits in 2014

If you have not yet qualified for wellness creditsin 2014, you still can by completing the 4 steps. You will begin receiving your credits based on the timeframes listed below.

New employees

Norton Healthcare offers the N Good Health wellness program as a benefit to you and your spouse. If eligible*, you will earn $25 in wellness credits (money added to your pay voucher) per pay period through this program for the first 180 days (six months) of employment. Eligible spouseswill also earn $25 in wellness credits per pay period. Within the first 180days of employment, both you and your spouse need to complete the 4 steps of the wellness program to continue to earn these wellness credits. If you do not complete all the steps within this timeframe, you will no longer earn wellness credits.

Note: Medical insurance options for employees hired in 2014:

  1. You will be able to enroll in any available medical plan during 2015 open enrollment, whether or not you and your covered spouse have done the 4 steps.
  2. You and your covered spouse must complete the 4 steps to enroll in Norton Healthy Living Plan medical insurance in 2016.

*Eligibility requirements for wellness credits

  • Employees statused to work at least 32 hours per pay period and spouses who are enrolled in a Norton Healthcare medical plan can qualify to earn $25 in wellness credits (per participant) per pay period by doing the 4 steps. The credits appear on your pay voucher under “Wages” and increase your gross earnings.

**How does my spouse create an account? Does my spouse have to complete the same four steps?

  • Spouses need a spouse member number to create an account on To get a spouse member number, call the Norton Service Center at (502) 629-8911, option 2. To create an account, choose the green “Register New Account” button below the username/password boxes. Enter the spouse member number and choose a password. Once created, spouses can login in and begin completing the 4 steps.
  • Spouses need to complete the same 4 steps as employees.

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