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Visitor guidelines for labor and delivery

Our visitor guidelines are for mother and baby's safety, comfort and care. Please review them with your family and support person(s) before you come to deliver your baby.

Think about limiting the number of people who stay with you when you first enter the hospital. Labor can take a long time, and a long wait with visitors can wear everybody out. You will need every ounce of energy for the delivery, so you may want to be sure you are truly in labor before your visitors arrive.

Remember, too, that while you are in labor and after the baby is born, you and your care team will be very busy. You may not have the time or energy for many visitors. You might ask some of them to wait to visit you once you are home.

Prepare Your Children Before the Birth

Prepare your children in advance for their visit with you after baby arrives. Register them for a sibling preparation class before the birth.

Visitor Guidelines

Visitors are permitted during the hospital stay to allow family and friends to share the birth experience in a safe, private environment for the mother and baby.

Visitors during labor and delivery

Visitors in Labor and Delivery will be limited. Visitors whom you do not wish to accompany you in your room may stay in the waiting area but will not be allowed to wait in the halls outside patient rooms.

Certain procedures, such as epidurals, or medical conditions may make it necessary for visitors to leave the patient room.

No children younger than age 12 are allowed on the unit, except siblings of newborns. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times and must be healthy.

After you deliver and recover, you will be moved to a mother-baby room. Family and friends should check with the information desk if they plan to visit.

Phone calls during labor and delivery

Each labor and delivery room is equipped with phones for outgoing calls only. Dial 9 and then the number. The staff will not give any information over the telephone. Cell phones cannot be used in Labor and Delivery because they interfere with patient monitoring equipment.

Cameras and video recorders during labor and delivery

Taking photos and/or videotaping are permitted after the vaginal delivery of the baby with the permission of physicians and all members of the delivery team. The newborn, mother and others giving their permission can be videotaped at the head of the hospital bed.

Videotaping of the actual birth, procedures, fetal monitoring or any portion of a cesarean delivery is not allowed. The staff controls where the photographer works and can require cameras to be removed at any time. Light stands, tripods and other equipment are not permitted.

Visitors after Delivery

Visitors must be healthy and at least 12 years of age, except siblings. Healthy brothers and sisters must be accompanied by a responsible adult. At their first visit, siblings should be screened by the staff for signs of illness or exposure to contagious diseases. Check with the staff before siblings enter the room. Please note that children CANNOT stay overnight with you while you are in the hospital.

Visitors may be limited while the baby is in the room, based on the wishes of the patient or staff.

Visitors, except a significant other, may be asked to leave by 8:30 p.m. so mothers can rest.

Please ask visitors to thoroughly wash their hands before holding the baby. Visitors should not sit on your bed. It should be kept as clean and free from outside germs as possible.

If your visitors do not feel well or request a mask, they should not be around the baby. To protect your baby and the other babies in the nursery, please allow us to bring the baby back to the nursery until the visit is over.

Mylar balloons are acceptable, but latex (rubber) balloons are not allowed on the unit. Some people are highly sensitive to latex, plus the material presents a risk of suffocation to small children.

GuestLINK: Wireless Internet Services

Norton Healthcare offers free wireless Internet access for all patients and guests. The hospital's wireless network is available in all:

  • Patient rooms
  • Waiting rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Most public areas

Patients and visitors must provide their own wireless device to access the Internet, such as a laptop computer or PDA. The service is free to all patients and guests.

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