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clear spacerGastroenterology

Nulytely Bowel Prep Kit

Clear Liquid Diet

  • Broth — chicken, beef or vegetable
  • Jell-O — No red or purple dyes
  • Popsicles — No red or purple dyes
  • Fruit juices — NO Orange Juice, Grapefruit juice or V8
  • Coffee — WITHOUT creamer, but Vanilla Boost does work!
  • Tea — hot or cold
  • Soft drinks — Coke, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew - No red or purple dyes
  • Gatorade — No red or purple dyes
  • Any clear drinks — water, sprite, lemonade, etc.
  • Boost — (up to six cans) the day before your procedure ONLY & Chocolate and Vanilla ONLY (NO BOOST PLUS)


Prior to Prep Day

  • Obtain Nulytely prep from the pharmacy of your choice a couple of days prior to your procedure (need prescription).
  • Patients who are on insulin should follow these guidelines. You should check your blood sugar 4 - 5 times the day of your prep. Take your regular morning dose of insulin. You need to check your blood sugar prior to your evening dose of insulin. If your blood sugar reads less than 150, do not take evening dose.  If your blood sugar reads 150-200 take ½ dose of insulin. If your blood sugar reads over 200 take your full dose of insulin. Do not take insulin on day of your procedure until after procedure has been performed.

  • Please notify us if you are currently taking the following medications and inform us as to why you are prescribed these medicines. We will advise you to discontinue or make adjustments to these medications or ask you to consult with your primary care physician or cardiologist prior to your procedure.
    • Plavix (Clopidogrel)
    • Effient (Prasugrel)
    • Brilinta (Ticagrelor)
    • Ticlid (Ticlodipine)
    • Coumadin (Warfarin)
    • Eliquis (Apixiban)
    • Aggrenox (Aspirin/dipyridamole)
    • Pradaxa (Dabigatran)
    • Persantine (Dipyridamole)
    • Xarelto (Rivaroxaban)

Prep Day: Starting the day before your procedure

You must complete ALL STEPS below to be cleaned out PROPERLY

  1. MIX SOLUTION in the morning (a.m.) and Refrigerate.
    Tear open one Flavor Pack of choice and pour into NuLytely bottle (solution can be used with or without flavor packs). Add lukewarm drinking water to top of line on bottle. Cap bottle and shake till it dissolves the powder. The solution will be clear and colorless. Use within 48 Hours.
    DO NOT add anything else to the solution, such as additional flavorings.
  2. Have a LIQUID Breakfast and Lunch
  3. Start Prep at 6:00 p.m. or earlier, (depending on if working or not).
  4. You need to drink 8oz. every 15 minutes until the ENTIRE gallon is gone

OR (Depending on Physician Instructions)

  1. You will drink 8oz. every 15 minutes until 1/2 gallon is gone the NIGHT BEFORE your colonoscopy, THEN the morning of your procedure you will drink the remaining 1/2 gallon of solution, 8oz. every 15 minutes until the ENTIRE gallon is gone.
  2. Once you start your prep, you may have clear liquids until 4 hours prior to your procedure.
  3. If you are still having formed bowel movements after finishing your prep, you will then need to drink 1 bottle of Magnesium Citrate (green or clear ONLY). You can purchase Magnesium Citrate over the counter.
  4. If your procedure is scheduled for the p.m. you may have clear liquids:
     – 3 hours prior for Colonoscopy Only
     – 6 hours prior for EGD and Colonoscopy

* * * Your Bowel Movements should be CLEAR like URINE!! * * *

* * * You want your prep FINISHED early, so that the prep is OUT early enough (before you leave for hospital) * * *

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