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Norton Healthcare is a not-for-profit, charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) private corporation whose mission is to provide quality health care services based on community need and consistent with its faith-based heritage. As such, Norton Healthcare receives tax-deductible contributions to help meet its mission.

In order to further its mission as well as maintain not-for-profit status, Norton Healthcare also provides contributions or sponsorships to other not-for-profit organizations that meet one or more specific criteria set by Norton Healthcare relative to community outreach.

While any organization is welcome to submit a proposal for funding, please note that Norton Healthcare strives to align its giving with organizations that are health-related and complementary to its major service lines, priorities and current initiatives. The following organizations, events, etc., are not eligible for funding through Norton Healthcare:

  • Individuals
  • Community foundations
  • Organizations that discriminate against race, gender or creed
  • Religious organizations or activities that are denominational or sectarian in purpose and do not have broad community benefit
  • “Brick and mortar” capital projects or initiatives 
  • Support that requires ongoing or long-term funding (e.g., establishing personnel positions) when such sustained funding sources are not identified 
  • Generally, no funding for galas, golf tournaments, arts-related events, team sponsorships, walks, runs, bike-a-thons, etc.

* Indicates required information
Organization Name * 
Program, Project, Request Name * 
Program, Project, Request Date *  (mm/dd/yyyy)
Contact Person * 
Phone Number * 
Email * 
Norton Healthcare Board Representatives * 
Norton healthcare's past years' contributions * 
If you have received a contribution of $5,000 or more in the past from Norton Healthcare, please describe how those funds were used to support your organization’s mission as well as your most recent cost per dollar raised 
Amount Requested * 
Summary of Request * 

For Office Use Only 
If approved, what area of Norton Healthcare should this be attributed to? (Circle one) 
Norton Cancer Institute - 1
General Medicine/Surgery - 3
Pediatrics / Kosair Chiledren's Hospital - 5
Spine / Orthopedics - 7
Other (Diversity, environmental, etc.) - 10 
Norton Heart Care - 2
Norton Neuroscience Institute - 4
Mental Health / Addiction Recovery - 6
Norton Women's Pavilion / Obstetrics - 9
Education / Progessional Development - 11 
If approved, what category(ies) does this contribution apply to (list dollar amount)? 
Membership Fees/Dues: $ 
Tables/seats at Event: $ 
Marketing Expense: $ 
Direct Program Support: $ 
Authentication * 

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Please email any additional information/attachments to Mary Watkins.

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