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Sports Health

Whether you’re a world-class athlete or weekend warrior, Norton Sports Health can help you get back in the game following a sports-related injury. We provide advanced care for athletes and active individuals of all ages. Our patients include professional, collegiate and high school competitors, as well as those who just want to stay fit.

Sports Injuries We Treat

Norton Sports Health specialists treat many sports-related injuries and conditions, including:

These sports injuries often require repairing bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons, muscles and joints. Our team specializes in arthroscopic surgery and other minmally invasive surgical procedures and rehabilitative strategies designed to help you return to – and perhaps even surpass – your level of athletic performance prior to your injury. 

Our team includes professional trainers and physical therapists who design customized programs to meet your specific needs. These programs incorporate strength training, core stability, flexibility and conditioning to help you achieve optimal performance and fitness.

In addition to treating sports injuries, our specialists are involved in research designed to gain a better understanding of why athletes become injured. This research is leading to improved treatment choices that can help get you back on your feet faster and prevent re-injury.

See a Sports Health Specialist

For more information about sports injuries and conditions, or to make an appointment with a sports health specialist, please call (502) 629-1234.

Friday night football can mean a night of first downs, touchdowns, tackles and 100-yard drives. Unfortunately, however, players also run the risk of becoming seriously injured from a particularly aggressive play.

Norton Sports Health has teamed up with Jefferson County Public Schools to provide sports injury prevention education, as well as certified athletic trainer education, in hopes of reducing the number of sports-related injuries, including sports concussions. David Sun, M.D., Ph.D., and Tad Seifert, M.D., discuss the risks, signs and symptoms of concussions.

In addition, Norton Sports Health also offers Saturday Sports Clinics every Saturday at the Brownsboro campus during the fall sports season.

Wave 3 Listens Healthy Living Live! talks with Cyna Khalily, M.D., and Ryan Krupp, M.D., about sports-related injuries, conditions and their treatments.




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