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clear spacerCaring for Employees and Dependents with Diabetes

What Rx for Better Health Can Do For You

Successful program started in Asheville, N.C.
Rx for Better Health is based on a program that has been helping people in Asheville, N.C., better manage their diabetes. The project started more than 10 years ago with two employers contracting with pharmacists to provide education to their employees with diabetes. Working with the patients’ physicians, the pharmacists helped these employees better manage their diabetes. The results were very positive. Participants of the program were more likely to take their medications, track their blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and get regular eye and foot exams. According to studies published in the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association, the number of patients with goal blood sugar values improved at each follow-up visit. More than 50 percent showed improvements in cholesterol levels at every measurement. Today, many employers across the country are following the guidelines of the Asheville project to improve the health of their employees.

Rx for Better Health is designed to provide each participant with
one-on-one interaction with a specially trained pharmacist. Medication concerns related to diabetes are addressed. The pharmacist works with your physician to find the best medications for you. The pharmacist can assist you in learning more about medications, diet and exercise.

What Rx for Better Health can do for you
In addition to saving you money on diabetes medications and supplies, Rx for Better Health is a resource for self-care education and monitoring. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the pharmacist about your progress and treatment, as well as any other hurdles you face while managing your condition.
Together as a team, you and the pharmacist will work to improve your condition and reduce the chance of complications.

How to join Rx for Better Health

  1. Call the Norton Healthcare Access Center at (502) 629-1234 to get started. Your first appointment with the pharmacist will be scheduled and an informational welcome packet will be sent to your home.
  2. The welcome packet will contain information about how to register for the program and what you will need to bring to your first appointment.
  3. See FAQs

Participation is voluntary. You will receive ongoing, private, face-to-face counseling from a specially trained pharmacist. In order for the program to be a success, it requires commitment from Norton Healthcare and from you. Please take a moment to review the program guidelines.

Rx for Better Health participants will agree to:

  • Be open to learning more about diabetes and its treatment.
  • Commit to working toward your goals for better health.
  • Attend a Norton Healthcare-sponsored diabetes education class.
  • Give 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment with the pharmacist.

Norton Healthcare agrees to:

  • Keep your health information and enrollment in the program confidential.
  • Provide reduced co-pays on diabetes prescriptions and testing supplies (test strips, syringes, lancets, glucometers, etc.).
  • Provide a private location for you to meet with the pharmacist.
  • Provide clinical measurements and laboratory tests free of charge to assess your diabetes control.

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