Financial Information

Financial Reports

We make financial reports derived from audited financial statements available to the public. These include combined balance sheets, operations and changes in net assets, cash flows and community benefit.

Need clarification about these reports? View this financial report glossary for a better understanding of terms and definitions.

Form 990s

Our Form 990s are available to the public as a means of being transparent to the communities we serve. We generally file Form 990s each November for the preceding calendar year.

As a not-for-profit health care system, we must be accountable to many groups, including those who grant us tax exemption as a charitable, community-oriented organization.

Learn more about the importance of Form 990 in this FAQ.

Community benefit

Community benefit, which is made possible by our tax-exempt status, means our services benefit the communities we are privileged to serve in a variety of ways, including charitable care and discounted health care for the uninsured and underinsured, educational programs support, community programs and services, health education, disease screening and prevention initiatives, child safety and advocacy programs, and many others.

Since 2008, Norton Healthcare has provided more than $1 billion in community benefit to our service area. Schedule H, “Hospitals,” of Form 990 (part of the Norton Hospitals Inc.) discloses this community benefit, along with other information.

If you have questions about Norton Healthcare’s Form 990s, contact us at (502) 629-8759 or

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