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Norton Healthcare offers several opportunities for scholarships and training to help students pursue careers in health care.

Norton Healthcare Scholars Program

Get help paying for college and get on the fast track to a great health care career.

Norton Healthcare Scholars is a loan forgiveness program that provides educational assistance to students pursuing or continuing a health care-related degree in an identified key area of workforce need. The amount of funding received per calendar year is based on the degree program. This is a highly competitive program, and not all candidates will be accepted.

Those accepted as a Norton Healthcare Scholar sign a contract agreeing to work for Norton Healthcare upon graduation. The length and terms of this loan forgiveness commitment are based on the amount of funding received. During this commitment, the loan is eligible to be forgiven. IRS regulations require these funds to be taxed as they are forgiven. The amount of approved financial assistance is dependent on the program.

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Registration and Application Process

  • Visit and apply online.
  • Applications must be submitted by the following dates to be considered for financial support:
    • Oct. 1 for the spring semester
    • June 1 for the fall semester
  • Eligible candidates will be contacted to begin the interview process.
  • All communication regarding the status of your application will be sent through email.

If you need assistance during the application process, contact the Norton Healthcare Office of Workforce Development at

Lansing Scholars Program

Since 2002, Bellarmine University students have had an opportunity to take part in one of our most elite programs — the Norton Healthcare Foundation Lansing Scholars Program.

Dr. and Mrs. Allan Lansing graciously have given a gift to the Norton Healthcare Foundation to support qualified students in Bellarmine’s Lansing College of Nursing and Clinical Sciences. Recognizing the shortage of health care professionals, the Lansings had a goal to assist students choosing a health care career. This is a monetary gift that provides educational funding to students pursuing a nursing career. Upon graduation, Lansing Scholars begin their careers with Norton Healthcare and are eligible to have their loans forgiven.

Through the Lansing Scholars Program, Norton Healthcare will help cover your college expenses while you study toward a nursing degree. In addition, you will take part in volunteering and mentoring opportunities in nursing, preparing you for a great career at Norton Healthcare. Through our network of hospitals, Norton Immediate Care Centers and practice locations, Norton Healthcare offers a complete spectrum of health care fields, from newborns to elder care.

 Who is eligible

  • Registered nursing students: Registered nurses have the widest scope of responsibility, including all aspects of nursing care.

Lansing Scholars Program Requirements

This prestigious program is very selective, with only a few students each year chosen as recipients. Applications are accepted from Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. Bellarmine University nursing students at all levels may apply, including incoming freshmen and accelerated students.

Other requirements

  • Transcripts — You must have a 3.25 or higher cumulative GPA.
  • Acceptance letter — Provide a copy of your Bellarmine University acceptance letter.
  • Three letters of recommendation — The letters must be from three people not related to you. One must be from an educator, preferably a Bellarmine University faculty member.
  • An outstanding one-page essay — Your essay should highlight your commitment to innovation in health care and explain why the Lansing Scholarship would benefit you. Include any community service you have done, specifically health care-related activities and service, if applicable.


Every Lansing Scholar is held to a higher standard — after all, you are the best in your class. As such, your commitment to the program and your school includes:

  • Formally expressing your gratitude in a letter to Dr. and Mrs. Lansing, the Norton Healthcare Foundation and your mentor
  • Submitting grades promptly at the end of every semester to the Norton Healthcare Office of Workforce Development
  • Attending school-related public events to demonstrate the benefits of the Lansing Scholars Program

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Norton Healthcare Dependent Child Scholarships

Norton Healthcare provides a limited number of $2,000 scholarships to dependents of Norton Healthcare employees. Students must be interested in pursing a health care-related field. These awards are made possible through the generosity of the James R. Petersdorf Foundation.

Students wishing to apply for this scholarship should submit the following:

  • Scholarship application (available through the Norton Healthcare Office of Workforce Development)
  • Essay of 2,500 words or less that responds to the following points:
    • All applicants
      • Discuss one current or future issue facing the health care industry.
      • Who or what has been most influential in your decision to continue your education and why?
    • New scholarship applicants
      • Discuss how the James R. Petersdorf Dependent Child Scholarship would impact your ability to pursue a health-care related degree.
      • Describe your career plans after you complete your degree.
    • Previous scholarship recipients
      • How have you benefited from receiving the James R. Petersdorf Dependent Child Scholarship?
      • How have your career plans evolved since you received the James R. Petersdorf Dependent Child Scholarship?
  • Résumé (including volunteer activities and awards)
  • Letter of recommendation from an educator or employer
  • Acceptance letter or proof of enrollment from applicant’s university/college
  • Most recent transcript from applicant’s high school or university/college

For more information, contact:
Norton Healthcare
Office of Workforce Development
Phone: (502) 446-5835
Toll-free: (866) 662-0003

Norton Healthcare strives to make our site accessible to all candidates. If you’re a candidate with a disability, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your needs during the application process. To request a reasonable accommodation, email

Norton Healthcare is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/Disability/Veteran/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

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