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CPA Lab is a division of Norton Healthcare. We are a local laboratory with a staff of more than 18 board-certified pathologists licensed to practice in Kentucky. CPA Lab has provided comprehensive anatomic and cytopathology services for health care providers throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana since 1972. In response to an increased need for specialization, CPA Lab maintains a professional staff of one dermatopathologist, 10 cytopathologists and three hematologists. In addition, CPA Lab pathologists offer expertise in interpretation of gynecological, gastrointestinal and urological specimens.

CPA Lab also provides clinical laboratory services. We are committed to quality, access, continuity and cost effectiveness of patient care. Our board-certified and registered clinical laboratory professionals provide the knowledge and expertise to assist clinicians in the management of patient care.


CPA Lab is licensed by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services and is approved to bill Medicare and Medicaid. CPA Lab participates in external proficiency testing programs and implements a strict in-house quality control and quality management program.

CLIA license #: 18D1066325
CAP license #: 7199204

Quality control/assurance

To ensure we provide the best test quality, every aspect of producing test results has been studied carefully. Each phase of CPA Lab’s quality assurance process has been developed with care and is continuously monitored, including test technology, specimen handling, courier service, accessioning functions, data processing and reporting.

CPA Lab’s quality control protocol for Pap smears involves a 10 percent rescreen of all negative Pap smears, pathologist review of all nongenital specimens and correlation of surgical biopsies and Pap smears. In addition, CPA Lab subscribes to the College of American Pathologists Quality Assurance Survey and current education in cytology surveys.

All specimens are assigned a unique specimen identification number that is used in conjunction with the patient name and date of birth or Social Security number to ensure correct identification and billing. Previous patient history is consulted when applicable to correlate with current findings. CPA Lab maintains a state-of-the-art computer system that allows for generating reports based on specific criteria, such as diagnosis, patient age and clinician specialty. Statistical data is generated, reviewed and made available to government and third-party insurers and used to compare CPA Lab with national and regional laboratories.


CPA Lab offers clients connectivity options including interfaces to Norton Healthcare’s electronic medical record system (Epic) and a secure, web-based application for test ordering and reporting. Contact your CPA Lab representative or the CPA Lab Client Services Department for information regarding connectivity solutions that meet your needs.

Courier services

CPA Lab couriers are the day-to-day representatives of our company and are dedicated to providing quality service to physicians, clinics, hospitals and patients. CPA Lab works with our clients to provide conveniently scheduled specimen pickups and report deliveries through our dedicated courier network on a daily basis.

Nonroutine specimen pickups

For courier pickups or after 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or anytime on Saturdays and Sundays, call (502) 736-4395 or (502) 287-8033.

STAT pickup

To order a STAT pickup, call our Client Services Department at (502) 736-4371. A courier will be dispatched to your location within one hour. You’ll receive notification of results within four hours of your call.

April West
Facilities Manager
Office: (502) 736-4343
Mobile: (502) 939-1218

Ordering supplies

CPA Lab provides all supplies necessary to collect and transport specimens to our laboratory at no cost to our clients.

To order supplies, call our Client Services Department at (502) 736-4371.

Supply requisition slips are provided for all clients and can be completed and sent along with specimens via the courier. Supplies will be returned with the next courier delivery.

Information Services support

For computer or IS assistance, call our Client Services Department at (502) 736-4371.

Test information

For test information, call our Client Services Department at (502) 736-4371.

CPA Lab – general

Contact CPA Lab Client Services

(502) 736-4371

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