Phone Numbers

Zora Pyevac, System director, Labs
(502) 629-7857

Al Martin, M.D., Medical director, CPA Lab
(502) 736-4351

Suresh Das, M.D., Director, Laboratory Services
(502) 736-4375

Dianne Rowan, Director, Finance
(502) 736-4342

Jeffrey Whitesel, Manager, Clinical Lab
(502) 736-4376

Lisa Wilder, Manager, Cytology
(502) 736-4345

April West, Manager, CPA Facilities and courier manager
(502) 736-4343

Lou Ann Eskildsen, Manager, Flow/Cytometry Lab
(502) 736-4386

Shanna Pollock, Director, Pathology
(502) 893-1053

CPA Lab Greene Way location

Billing Department
(502) 897-9594, option 1

Client Services Department
(502) 736-4371

Clinical Processing
(502) 736-4395

 CPA Lab Phlebotomy Services location

4123 Dutchmans Lane, 3 – St. Matthews, Suite 511
(502) 899-6527

Cytology Processing Department
(502) 736-4396

Rebecca Ball, Lead Cytologist
(502) 897-9594

Flow Cytometry on call
(502) 235-6928

Histology Department
(502) 736-4390

Immunohistochemistry Department
(502) 716-5584

Sheron Lear, Cytometry research and development specialist
(502) 736-4394


Robin Bideau, M.D.
(502) 893-1042

Rebecca Christensen, M.D.
(502) 736-4353

Emma Coronel, M.D.
(502) 446-8074

Alexandra Gerassimides, M.D.
(502) 893-1039

Cyrus Ghazi, M.D.
(502) 893-1062

Linda Korfhage, M.D.
(502) 636-7588

George Kunz, M.D.
(502) 629-7877

Grace Moore, M.D.
(502) 636-8776

Michael Nowacki, M.D.
(502) 629-7881

Dennis O’Connor, M.D.
(502) 893-1037

Elpidio Pena, M.D.
(502) 629-3311

John Powers, M.D.
(502) 893-1043

Bennie Slucher, M.D.
(502) 893-1036

Sameer Talwalker, M.D.
(502) 736-4354

John D. Williamson, M.D.
(502) 629-7882 

Lisa Wills-Frank, M.D.
(502) 636-7691

Chris Alan Wunderlich, M.D.
(502) 629-7874

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