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Music Therapy Services

About Music Therapy

Originating before the written word and perhaps even before language, music has a long and varied history. Evidence of music and musical instruments has been found in every culture. While the purpose, theme and sound have changed throughout time, the appeal remains. In today's society music serves as an outlet for expression, as a form of communication and entertainment, and as a mode of therapy.

Because music is familiar and predictable, it may evoke feelings of safety and security. Music can move through culture and language barriers and provide motivation. For these reasons, music therapy is used to assist patients in reaching medical goals. Music has been shown to ease pain, discomfort and anxiety often associated hospitalization, healing and recovery..

Music therapy also helps patients and their families cope. It is used to address emotional, cognitive and social needs. Music therapy can enhance the quality of life for patients and caregivers as well as give families an opportunity to share time together in a positive, creative way. It can have a significant positive impact on the overall health and well-being of persons dealing with a variety of conditions.

Music therapy has been shown to have a significant effect on a patient's perceived effectiveness of treatment, self reports of pain reduction, relaxation, respiration rate, and observed and self-reported anxiety levels.

What Is a Music Therapist?

A music therapist is a unique blend of musician and therapist with specialized training in the use of music intervention to improve psychological, physiological and emotional well-being. Music therapists undergo extensive training at accredited universities to earn degrees that allow them to obtain national board certification in the field.

Using music experiences, music therapists can help patients:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Better manage pain and discomfort
  • Create positive changes in mood and emotional states
  • Participate in rehabilitation activities
  • Share time with families and caregivers in a positive, creative way

Learn More About Our Services:

Learn More About Our Services:

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Music Therapy for Parkinson's patients
Weekly music therapy group for persons with Parkinson's. New participants welcome.
Every Friday - 11 a.m. to noon 

Parkinson's and Music Therapy

Learn More About Music Therapy

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