5 health stories you may have missed (4/21/2017)

How to choose the right fitness shoe, the opioid crisis: an ER physician’s view, 31-day decluttering challenge, and more

At Norton Healthcare, we believe that health should keep up with life. Give us 5 minutes and we’ll give you the top 5 pieces of health and wellness news you may have missed this week.

How to choose the right fitness shoe

Think of all the stress you put on your feet while exercising. This is no time for DIY shoe purchases — get measured and choose properly.

The opioid crisis: An ER physician’s view

On the front lines of caring for patients who have overdosed, Dr. Couch provides his perspective.

31-day decluttering challenge

Professional organizer Peter Walsh offers a 31-day challenge to jumpstart your decluttering skills. Here’s a taste of how to get started.

White pants are out and pink pants are in for 2017 Oaks

Big first for Kentucky Oaks jockeys to raise awareness about breast cancer.

Norton Children’s Hospital over the past 125 years

In honor of year 125, we’d like to hear about your Norton Children’s Hospital experience. Share your story and you’ll be entered to win a hot-air balloon ride!


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