5 health stories you may have missed feb 3

Husband shares why he wears red for Heart Month; sound of baby’s heartbeat placed into stuffed animals for siblings; and more stories you may have missed this week.

Why I wear red: To celebrate my wife, whose heart attack wasn’t like a man’s

A loving husband shares what a heart attack in a woman can really look like.

A 35-year-old’s awful headache turns into aneurysm survival story

Know aneurysm symptoms and see if you qualify for free vascular screenings.

Sound of girl’s heartbeat put into stuffed animals for her family

Music therapist Jessie Gordon recorded Eva’s heartbeat and uploaded it into sound boxes, which were inserted into Gracie the dog and Jessie the bear.

Women’s wellness exam: An annual check can catch cervical cancer

Women ages 21 to 65 need a yearly well-woman exam.

Active parenting: Building good behavior instead of responding to bad times

Norton Children’s is offering a free workshop to learn more.

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