Head, neck and skull base tumors

Louisville’s only program focused on head, neck and skull base tumors

Norton Cancer Institute is the largest cancer care provider in Louisville and Southern Indiana. It’s the only provider to operate a Head, Neck and Skull Base Tumor Program to treat the complex and unique needs if you have cancer or a benign tumor in these areas.

The Head, Neck and Skull Base Tumor Program brings together specialists who are board-certified and fellowship-trained leaders in their field. They’re at the forefront of developing innovative approaches to getting patients back to living their lives.

The Head, Neck and Skull Base Tumor Program gives you the ability to see multiple specialists in a single day, making treatment and follow-up easier for you and family members.

At Norton Cancer Institute, you’ll have a one-on-one relationship with your oncologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist or other specialist. The next cancer doctor you see will be either someone you know or someone you’ll be seeing again who knows your case.

Innovative care tailored to you

The program treats benign and malignant tumors of the head, neck and skull base, such as basal cell carcinoma, malignant thyroid and throat cancer. The program also treats skull base tumors, including the nasal cavity, salivary glands, and ear and temporal bone. Treatment options include surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, external beam radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy.

Consolidating care for these complex tumors means therapy can be delivered faster. A team of physicians could review your case and perform surgery, if needed, in two to three days. With traditional care, the lead time could be two weeks or more.

The program offers integrated care from ear, nose and throat surgeons; neurosurgeons; plastic surgeons; medical oncologists; and radiation oncologists who work with patients to create individualized treatment plans.

In addition, the program offers access to a behavioral oncologist, oral prosthodontist, speech pathologist and nutritionist.

Your comprehensive care team meets regularly to review your case and plan the next steps.

Our state-of-the-art treatments include immunotherapy and biologic therapies that can provide a unique treatment designed specifically to combat the genetic makeup of your cancer.

Patients can participate in innovative National Cancer Institute- and industry-sponsored clinical research studies. These trials help improve current cancer treatments, in addition to finding new and promising solutions.

About Norton Cancer Institute

Norton Cancer Institute is the leading oncology practice in Louisville and Southern Indiana. We offer multidisciplinary oncology care from specialists at the leading edge of cancer treatment.

With seven outpatient locations, three radiation centers, multiple infusion centers across the Louisville area and same-day appointments for new patients, you can start your cancer recovery quickly.

There are many reasons why more people choose Norton Cancer Institute for their care.

  • Access to more than 100 specialists, including board-certified and fellowship-trained oncologists
  • Specialists from across Norton Healthcare who work together to review your case to ensure the best care for you and those who care for you
  • Treatments including surgical, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy and genetic therapies tailored to combat the unique genetic makeup of your cancer.
  • Prompt care clinics designed especially for providing symptom relief and other care to Norton Cancer Institute patients
  • MyNortonChart. Communicate with your provider, manage appointments, refill prescription and more anytime from a computer or mobile device.
  • A radiation therapy program that set the standard for precision and excellence in the region
  • More than 180 cancer-related clinical trials give you access to the newest therapies.

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