Complex Care Clinic for Hepatitis C Treatment

Norton Complex Care Clinics are in Louisville or Southern Indiana are devoted to treating and curing patients with hepatitis C.

People with hepatitis C typically don’t have symptoms as the virus slowly attacks their liver. Hepatitis C patients are at very high risk for liver cancer.

Infectious disease specialists at Norton Complex Care Clinics see more hepatitis C patients than any other health care provider in the area. They have the experience to give you a precise diagnosis and develop a customized treatment plan that may be able to cure your hepatitis C.

Our specialists have access to treatments that target the hepatitis C virus. When taken as prescribed, these direct-acting antivirals have a 95 percent to 98 percent cure rate.

Left untreated, hepatitis C can lead to serious liver problems, including fibrosis (scarring of the liver), cirrhosis, liver failure and liver cancer.

Hepatitis C symptoms

Chronic hepatitis C infection often is silent for many years. During this phase, the virus is actively damaging the liver.

Few people with hepatitis C feel ill while the virus is in their bodies. The symptoms tend to be mild and flu-like.

Other symptoms of the virus include:

  • Bleeding easily
  • Bruising easily
  • Abdominal/side pain
  • Fatigue
  • Poor appetite
  • Yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes (jaundice)
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Itchy skin
  • Fluid buildup in the abdomen
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Weight loss
  • Confusion, drowsiness and slurred speech
  • Spider-like blood vessels on the skin

What to expect from hepatitis C treatment

At Norton Complex Care Clinic, we takes a comprehensive approach to treating your hepatitis C. While each treatment plan can vary, these are the typical steps:

  • Our specialists will start your treatment by gathering your history of previous treatment, symptoms you have and any other medical conditions.
  • We’ll examine the health of your liver with a painless, noninvasive ultrasound or a special blood test.
  • We’ll perform blood work to look for other infections, assess your liver’s health and determine a genotype — a study of the genetic makeup of your hepatitis C — that we’ll use in targeting your treatment.
  • Norton Specialty Pharmacy at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital will contact you for a consultation to discuss your medications, how to take them and possible side effects, as well as provide answers to your questions. We’ll mail your medications to you the same day as this consultation. It’s important to note the day you take your first dose.
  • You’ll visit a Norton Complex Care Clinic every four weeks to monitor the amount of virus in your blood. Treatment usually lasts 12 weeks but may vary depending on the type of hepatitis C you have and the medicine your doctor prescribes.
  • Once you have completed treatment, you will return for a six-month follow-up exam. We’ll check your liver’s health and confirm that the active hepatitis C virus is gone.
  • Our team will work with you to recommend any follow-up care with other specialists or connect with your primary care provider to create a long-term follow-up plan.


Norton Complex Care Clinic
Norton Cancer Institute Multidisciplinary Center
676 S. Floyd St., Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: (502) 629-6560
Fax: (502) 394-3610

Norton Complex Care Clinic – Corydon
Harrison County Hospital
Medical Pavilion, Suite 110
1263 Hospital Drive NW
Corydon, IN 47112
Phone: (812) 734-0912

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