Why choose a labor tub for your delivery?

You have a lot of options when it comes to how you can give birth.

At Norton Healthcare, we believe in providing you with the care you want and the care you may need. Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital has a labor tub available for mothers considering water labor for their birth plan.

Why use a labor tub for water labor?

Labor tubs allow women to be immersed in warm water for comfort during labor. Laboring in warm water may help lower stress and pain levels and help mothers relax more during and between contractions.

What can you expect from using a labor tub at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital?

  • You and your baby can be monitored while in the labor tub.
  • You can move in and out of the tub as you wish — nurses can help you move around to help prevent falls.
  • The tub can accommodate two people — your partner, spouse or doula can be in the tub with you to provide comfort. Any guest in the tub with you will be required to wear a swimsuit.
  • You can labor in the tub until it’s time to start pushing — then you will be moved to a bed to deliver. Labor tubs are just for labor, not delivery.

Can I use water labor while using other forms of pain management?

You can work with your doctor or midwife should you want to use other means to manage pain and stress during labor. However, if you decide you want stronger pain management, such as epidural, you will have to exit the tub for the remainder of your labor and delivery.

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