Birth plan

Norton Healthcare wants your birthing experience to be special and as stress-free as possible. Because each woman’s needs are different, it’s important to discuss your labor and delivery preferences with your health care provider well before your due date. This will help to ensure you understand all your options and that your birth plan is known ahead of time.

The goal of a birth plan is not to decide precisely how labor and delivery will happen. Childbirth involves many variables, meaning it is impossible to predict every detail. However, a birth plan will serve as a guide throughout the process.

What to consider

You can fill out a Norton Women’s Care birth plan, or consider these topics when devising your birth plan:

Labor and delivery

  • Who do you want present in the room?
  • What level of mobility do you desire during labor?
  • Do you want fetal monitoring?
  • Is there a birthing position you prefer?
  • What are your feelings about episiotomy?
  • Would you like a mirror present so you can see the baby crown?

Pain management

  • Do you want to try to give birth naturally?
  • Would you like to use IV medication, an epidural or nitrous oxide for pain relief?
  • Are you interested in the use of a labor tub?

Following delivery

  • Who do you want to cut the umbilical cord?
  • Are you planning to store cord blood?
  • Do you want immediate skin-to-skin contact with baby?

Postpartum care of baby

  • Are you planning to breastfeed?
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