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Bariatric Nurse Coordinators

Debbie Pike, RN, BSN; Connie Cohen, RN, BSN, CBN

Provide information and education to bariatric surgery patients throughout all phases of the program. They are a continuing resource to patients throughout the surgical process. AFTER SURGERY, contact your surgeon for concerns.

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Office: (502) 899-6508

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Office: (502) 899-6858

Bariatric Nurse Navigator

Sarah Lush, RN, BSN

Help patients navigate through the steps in the Norton Weight Management.  They provide follow-up phone calls after seminars, as well as serve as the primary contacts for patients as they make their way from assessment to surgery, as well as the medical weight management program.

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Office:  (502) 899-6555

Bariatric Therapists

Mary Hargadon, LCSW, LMFT, and Melissa Moody, LCSW

Conduct psychological evaluations of patients prior to surgery to assess level of compliance and motivation. Assist medical weight management patients with behavioral changes necessary to lose and maintain weight loss. This includes realistic expectations, psychological readiness and ability to accept lifestyle changes and long-term follow-up requirements. Available for individual consultations and/or group therapeutic follow-up.

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Office: (502) 899-6880

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Office: (502) 899-6770

Bariatric Dietitians

Jennifer Kyser, RD, LD, CSOWM; Hope Theiss, RD, LD

Provide nutritional education to bariatric surgery patients and medical weight management patients.  They instruct patients on dietary needs and expectations for long-term weight loss success.  Available for individual or group post-operative consultations.

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Office: (502) 899-6677

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Office: (502) 899-6272

Department Secretary and Patient Access Specialist

Reta Satterly, BS

Provides administrative support to entire team.

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Office: (502) 899-6335

Bariatric Quality Outcomes Analyst

Andrea Geary RN, BSN

Reviews and collects patient care information with data entry into the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP) which promotes national accreditation standards for bariatric surgery centers.

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Office: (502) 899-6545

Director of Operations

Brenda Stewart

Oversees the multidisciplinary team to effectively and efficiently enhance patient care. Responsible for growth and development of overall program.

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Office: (502) 272-5045

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