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Meet Meredith C. Sweeney, M.D.

Meredith C. Sweeney, M.D., a surgeon with Norton Weight Management Services, helps patients start their weight loss journey through bariatric surgery. When she’s not in a white coat or scrubs, she enjoys spending time with [...]

How to avoid weight gain while on vacation

Traveling is something many look forward to during the summer months. However, it can be easy to let your eating habits slip and choose convenient, unhealthy options while on the road or in the airport [...]

Getting an active life back through bariatric weight loss surgery

As Brandon Lewis’s once active lifestyle slowed dramatically over time, he began noticing issues like high blood pressure and chest pain. A teacher, he didn’t have energy for his music students. Even simple everyday tasks [...]

Losing 100+ pounds without weight loss surgery

Marc Poe, age 39, has struggled with weight most of his life. He grew up “a chunky kid” in a single-parent home in West Virginia. “Between my mom and my grandmother the recipe for love [...]

Gastric band surgery jump-starts a 140-pound weight loss for father of 2

Becoming a dad was Jerad Millay’s greatest source of pride. But when his son began taking those first precious steps, he realized he needed to take a different step, too. Years of unhealthy habits sapped […]

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Bariatric surgery: 8 steps on your weight loss journey

If you’re thinking about bariatric surgery to take control of your weight and your health, you probably have questions. Maybe you’re wondering what you need to do to prepare for surgery, what to expect during […]

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Gaining bariatric surgery expertise by traveling the world to learn the latest techniques

Brisbane, Australia, and Louisville, Kentucky,might be more similar than you think. The residents of both cities love horses, have a river running along or through them and are places Jeff W. Allen, M.D., bariatric surgeon [...]

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Middle age and weight gain: When does it start and what role do hormones play?

I’m 46. Well, my friend is 46. She doesn’t have kids. She works out regularly and has an active life. She eats well most of the time, yet with every year that passes the scale [...]

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What’s the best diet for you to lose weight?

Deciding on which weight loss diet is best for you isn’t easy. It can be intimidating. Specialists at Norton Weight Management Services go through the pros, cons and other considerations of Whole30, keto, intermittent fasting [...]

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